I am passionate about designing user inspired technology to improve patient care and quality of life. I have an interdisciplinary educational and professional background across engineering, life sciences management consulting, translational research, and entrepreneurship enabling me to understand business, engineering, consumer perspectives across the product management life cycles. I have focused my career on improving accessibility and increasing one’s agency within their own healthcare.

I am currently working as the Software and Algorithms lead and Founding Team Member of a wearable device startup, MyoExo, focused on the development and characterization of wearable sensors for monitoring Parkinson’s disease progression. Our mission is to provide patients with more quantitative information about their disease progression and overall health. In this role, I have worn both a data analytics and business development hat, leveraging my interdisciplinary background to identify key metrics that correlate our device to clinical gold standard measurements and develop a go-to-market strategy within a competitive landscape. In parallel, I am a Data Analytics and Machine Learning Consultant for Apercu Diagnostics, a bedside diagnostic startup.

I am actively seeking full-time opportunities in prodcut strategy or venture creation within the med tech and health tech domains. Please contact me if you have opportunities within this space at kinjmshah@gmail.com.